Most of us are focussed on what happens from day-to-day, getting through the week – and maybe planning for the next family holiday. We are absorbed by going to work to earn a living, and making that income stretch as far as possible, while saving what we can ‘for a rainy day’. Mostly, we try not to think too much about what that ‘rainy day’ might entail.

A comprehensive strategic financial plan will always consider the worst that could happen, and have safeguards in place to lighten the load of dealing with life’s curve-balls.

Finding the right insurance can be complicated. We’ll help you navigate the options by taking a deep dive to look at your assets and earnings so you can get a complete picture of what’s at risk should anything go wrong. Then we’ll work with you to build a strategy to limit the impacts of nasty surprises and make sure you’re adequately covered for as long as you need to be. Most importantly, we’ll regularly review all your insurances to make sure you’re fully protected and not paying for something you don’t need.

Get in touch to discuss your personal insurances and make sure you’re covered for life’s curve-balls.

We are on a mission to educate, inform and manage the financial affairs of people who are expert at what they do, but know that financial planning is not their strongest skill


  • Come and meet us. Find out how we work. No obligation. No charge. No strings.
  • Sometimes you think you have things under control and you just want someone to do a sense check. Come and have a chat – if we believe you’ve got your affairs in order, we won’t sell you a service you don’t need.


  • Maximum efficiency. Minimal time. Life is busy and complicated. We know you have other things to do. We’ve streamlined our processes so we don’t keep you away from things for too long.
  • All forms and paperwork are pre-filled. All you need to do is read and sign.


  • We start with your goals – what do you want to get of the advice?
  • We’ll thoroughly research the options and present them to you.
  • No “get rich quick” schemes. No magic silver bullets.
  • Everything you need to feel informed. Data, facts, statistics. Knowledge is power. And you need to be in control of your decisions.

We are a privately owned business. We are licenced with a client-centric Australian Financial Services Licensee – Australian Wealth Holdings Pty Ltd.

We are 100% owned by the Forwood Family and we are under no pressure to sell you any particular product. ​We are not required to advise on any products, and if you prefer, we can simply provide you with strategic advice for you to implement yourself.