Why I do what I do.

I started in the financial services industry straight out of university having studied a Bachelor of Commerce.  My first job was as a stockbroker, because I knew that Australian Shares were one of the best performing asset classes that you could invest in.  What better place to work?

With some training and some great mentors, I learnt a lot about the Australian Share market, and indeed shares performed very well.

In time I changed jobs and ultimately worked for over a decade in the wealth management arm of Westpac Bank.  In this role I visited over 500 different financial adviser’s offices and made in excess of 5000 office visits where I learnt about their businesses; what made them successful and what didn’t.

During this time, I met my lovely wife, and subsequently have had two beautiful children.  I mention this, as it was having a family that made me  finally realise what financial planning is really all about.  It isn’t about shares or any other financial product (although what you are invested in is important), it isn’t about commissions or tax effective investments.  It is about enjoying the life you live whilst striving for the goals and dreams you have.

Myself and my wife both run our own businesses and work full time and have two beautiful children that keep us very busy.  I understand what a busy life is like.  I know that adding another professional to your life sounds time consuming, and likely to create a mountain of paperwork.

The reason I started my own financial planning practice is to assist my clients to achieve the goals they have in life (both financial and otherwise), and to shield them and their family from the pitfalls that may occur when they least expect it.  I will achieve all of this without consuming a moment more of my clients’ time than is necessary.  I want my clients to enjoy their life, not spend it completing forms.

  • Masters of Applied Finance
  • Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Bachelor Degree in Commerce

We are on a mission to educate, inform and manage the financial affairs of people who are expert at what they do, but know that financial planning is not their strongest skill


  • Come and meet us. Find out how we work. No obligation. No charge. No strings.
  • Sometimes you think you have things under control and you just want someone to do a sense check. Come and have a chat – if we believe you’ve got your affairs in order, we won’t sell you a service you don’t need.


  • Maximum efficiency. Minimal time. Life is busy and complicated. We know you have other things to do. We’ve streamlined our processes so we don’t keep you away from things for too long.
  • All forms and paperwork are pre-filled. All you need to do is read and sign.


  • We start with your goals – what do you want to get of the advice?
  • We’ll thoroughly research the options and present them to you.
  • No “get rich quick” schemes. No magic silver bullets.
  • Everything you need to feel informed. Data, facts, statistics. Knowledge is power. And you need to be in control of your decisions.

We are a privately owned business. We are licenced with a client-centric Australian Financial Services Licensee – Australian Wealth Holdings Pty Ltd.

We are 100% owned by the Forwood Family and we are under no pressure to sell you any particular product. ​We are not required to advise on any products, and if you prefer, we can simply provide you with strategic advice for you to implement yourself.