Just recently there has been a lot of anxiety and nervousness in our household. Our eldest child has just started grade 1, as well as signing on for soccer, changing days for his tennis lessons, and starting drama classes after school.

For a couple of weeks before school, there were lots of nerves. Turns out he wasn’t sure where he had to sit in the assembly hall before school. On the day, this was easily solved as the school had put out signs for each class.

With the soccer, tennis and drama, our son found his voice, vehemently exclaiming “NO”; he did not want to go, he did not want to change.

However, with a little bit of coaxing from my wife and myself, he turned up to each event and subsequently loved each one. He is very excited about going to each of them next week.

Looking back, it got me thinking that as adults, if we don’t want to do something, or are anxious or nervous about something in our life, we don’t yell “NO” at our parents or partner… We just don’t do it. We procrastinate, we avoid the situation, and we ultimately shut ours lives out of the success that this difficult situation could have brought. What’s more by not yelling out “NO” we don’t give our loved ones the opportunity to coax us through.

As a Financial Services professional who aids people with discovering their goals and finding solutions for their finances, I am constantly amazed at how long people think about seeing a Financial Planner before turning up. I am sure there are many many more who just never get to it, despite knowing that they need it. Knowing that their super isn’t quite right, knowing that 60 isn’t the right retirement age for them, knowing that they need insurance to protect their family and income.

With the right professional developing your Financial Strategy the process is not scary, and you aren’t committed financially or otherwise, unless you want to be. What’s more once you are there, you may just enjoy yourself, and the outcomes.

John Forwood is a Financial Strategist for Forwood Planning.